How to request repair serivce

Please make an appointment via email before visiting our shop.
Click here to see details.

Please contact us before sending an item in for repair.
We may have to refuse to receive a package sent in without contacting us.

How to request repair service.

Get a rough estimate by email.
If your camera, lens, or other photographic equipment is in need of repair, Email us your contact details and detailed information about your camera(lens) below. We will reply a rough estimate back to you.

*We will inform you a detailed estmate, after we actually check your equipment.

a. Manufacturer (Brand Name):
b. Product Name:
c. Serial Number:
d. Description of the malfunction or your requirements(e.g. an overhaul or a specific repairs):
*Attach some photos of your repair item to show us the condition.
e. Your Name:
f. Your Address:
g. Your E-Mail Address :
h. Your Phone Number:

* We cannot accept repair requests of:
Electrical cameras or cameras with "AUTO", Equipment that important parts are missing, Equipment irretrievably disassembled.

*Please understand that you cannot ask a seller to send a purchased item directly to us to avoid troubles. You need to check the item by yourself before sending it to us.

*Please do not send repair items without Step 1.

Step 2

Click here to print out the Repair Request Form and fill it out.

Step 3
Please remove all accessories that are not related to the repair.
Place your item in a plastic bag to protect it during shipment.
(If you have bubble wrap, wrap your equipment in it for additional protection)
Pack the item in a good quality and properly sized currugated box which allows good suitable packing material fully cushioning the equipmet in the center.
Include an envelop inside the package that contains the Repair Request Form.
*We suggest that you always keep a copy of Repair Request Form and Shipping Form for your records.

Step 4
Seal the box and ship it to:

Kanto Camera Co., Ltd.
1-1-23-2F, Watarida, Kawasaki-ku
Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken,
Japan 210-0837
TEL +81-(0)44-328-8118
FAX +81-(0)44-328-7960

Step 5

Your camera(lens) will be inspected on receipt and we will inform you a detailed estimate by Email.
*If repair estimate is rejected, you may be charged a handling fee and a return shipping cost before product is returned to you.

Step 6
Your camera(lens) is repaired by our professionally trained technicians and tested thoroughly before we forward it to our dispatch department.
We will contact you if additional parts and repair work are required that weren't originally estimated for.

Step 7
Payment & Return
We will contact you to arrange payment and then dispatch it to you by EMS to ensure your camera(lens) is delivered badk to you safely and quickly.

EMS Return Shipping Cost: eg. For a Leica M3 or a Summicron 50
Hong Kong/Thailand/Singapore : about 3,500 JPY
U.S. : about 5,990 JPY
Australia/Canada : about 5,000 JPY
Note : Japan Post stops accepting EMS to some countries right now due to the Covid-19. Alternative return shipment would be DHL and UPS.
Payment Method: We accept PayPal.
Handling Fee for Returns after Formal Estiamte : 2,000 JPY
There will be a handling fee of 2,000 JPY (tax is not included) for not having an item repaired after a formal estimate. Thank you very much for your understanding.
Repair Lead Time
Standard Overhaul for Camera : about 4-5 months (Depends on models and malfunctions.)
Stadard Overhaul for Lens : about 6-7 months
Paint Work : more than 24 months

Dear Customers,

We thank you very much for using our company.
We are very much delighted with receiving so many repair orders.

Since the number of repair orders is increasing more than our expectation, we are getting to be unable to promise repair lead time accordingly.
We would like you to kindly consider the lead time as a guide, and please be aware there would be a case that we may be drastically behind schedule.

We are doing our best to complete the repair and deliver the product as soon as possible.
We sincerely appreciate your patience and kind cooperation. Thank you very much.

Kanto Camera Co., Ltd.

How To Pack the Item.
Necessary Items: Plastic Bag, Packing Material(Such as old newspaper), Currugated Box, Packing Tape

1. Place your item in a plastic bag to protect it during shipment.
*Please remove all accessories that are not related to the repair.

2. If you have bubble wrap, wrap your equipment in it for additional protection.

3. Prepare properly sized corrugated box.

4. Put the item in the box with packing materials fully cushioning the equipment in the center.

5. Include an envelop inside the package that contains Repair Request Form.

6. Seal the box and ship it to us.