M3 Is it possible to replace a viewfinder frame?
M3 Can you fix viewfinder blackout?
M3 Gutta-percha is worn out. Can you replace it for original gutta-percha?
M Will the L-seal be removed while repair?
M6 Can you eliminate the 135mm frameline which shows up with the 35mm frameline?
M4 Will you engrave my name on the top plate?
M6TTL Will you engrave on the top plate of M6TTL?
3C Can you replace the red shutter curtains?
R6, R6.2 Can you repair R6, R6.2?
Leica CL, Leitzminolta CL, Minolta CLE Can you repair Leica CL, Leitzminolta CL, Minolta CLE?
SUMMARON M35mm f3.5 Can you modify SUMMARON M35mm f3.5 lens to be able to show up the 35mm frameline with using M6 and others?
MC Meter Can you fix MC Meter?
Binoculars Can you fix Binoculars?
F, F2 Photomic Can you fix the exposure meter?
F Photomic Can you re-evaporate the prism?
Nikomat EL Can you fix Nikomat EL?
F-1 (Old) Can you replace pentaprism?
OM-1 Can you fix an eroded prism?
Hasselblad Can you repair Hasselblad?
Kiev Can you fix Kiev made in Ukraine?
Minox B Can you repair Minox B?
Purcahse / Trade-in Do you purchase a camera or do you take it as a trade-in?
Painting Will you quote your price for painting?
Mail-Order Do you sell photo equipment by mail?
I live in USA, now. Can I send you a camera/lens for repair from abroad?
Modification of Existing Model Can you modify a camera which is an existing model?
Spare Parts Resale A screw is missing. Do you sell it? I would like to fix it by myself.
Chancel after Quotation If quotation is higher than I expected, can I chancel it?
Retrieve Reusable Parts I have two Leica M3s, and I would like you to repair one of them. If there are unavailable parts, could you retrieve necessary parts from the other M3?