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Hightest Quarity Repair Service
Kanto Camera Co., Ltd.
Kanto Camera Service specializes in camera repair service in Japan. We have been in business since 1970 and we have over 40 years experience in this field.

・Attitude toward Repair Service
Basically, we give priority to restoration of function. We repair cameras to be able to take pictures. For that, we use genuine parts as much as possible. However most of the spare parts for vintage cameras are no longer available. Then, we occasionally use spare parts produced by our company. This is because we think it will be meaningless if you cannot take pictures although respecting the original.

・About our Overhaul
The contents of OVERHAUL can vary from shop to shop. Many repair shops take a cover off and lubricate, do some simple adjustment, and say overhaul is done. But, our overhaul is completely different. We start overhaul from disassembling the camera. Next, we clean every parts and exchange grease. Finally we adjust each mechanism, and assemble the camera. After quality check, our overhaul is finish. Even if customers cannot see the inside of a camera, we never cut corners on the maintenance of cameras. We believe that good maintenance keeps a camera in a good condition for the long term.

Our baking paint has been developed especially for painting camera. After painting part, we bake it in a special oven, so we can get the paint durable and also beautiful finish. The most important thing for beautiful paint finish is the pretreatment process. If you use sandpaper to strip metallic coating, the base metal will be scraped. If the base metal become thin, the cold and heavy feeling of the metal may be gone, and its texture might become lighter and cheap. Of course, our method is different, and it hardly cause a damage to the base metal. Furthermore, our skilled craftsmen prepare the surface with careful base repair works and sandblast (the actual material is glass-beads-sand which is smaller than sand). Since we invest a good deal of time and effort to the pretreatment process like this, we can keep the beautiful finish.

・Lens Polishing and Coating
We can offer lens polishing and coating. For example, when your lens got haze and could not be wiped off, we can remove the haze by polishing, and at the same time we can recoat the lens. However, polishing is not the best method at every case. If the lens was polished a little too much in order to remove the haze and the scratches, the lens performance would get remarkably worse. The center of the picture (as long as it is in focus) may be relatively-OK , but the depiction at the edges will be worse. We often find lenses which has been polished too much with the purpose of only making the surface clean are on the secondhand market. As you might expect, we never do such polishing. Because there are these kinds of problems, polishing is recommended in the case of bad condition that affects photo. Please think that it should be done for the purpose of making the optics a bit better than current worse condition. Some of the old lenses tend to get haze or deteriorate with age. For those lenses, we have produced alternative lenses for replacement. With replacing the lens, you can get not only good depiction but also good appearance. Those alternative lenses have been regarded as equivalent to the original lenses of a good condition by the resolution test, the MTF measuring test, and the test photography of professional photographer. We offer single lens coating. Since the color of the coat differs according to the coating thickness, we adjust color and thickness to be the same as the original coat. The vacuum deposition equipment is usually put into operation to coat many lenses at the same time, so you can not adjust the coating thickness and color one-by-one. But, we do one-by-one without thought of profit.

・Lens Assembly
When you repair a lens, you need to disassemble optical lenses, moreover you need to take a helicoid and a mount off, and finally you assemble it all again. All of those work cause to the change of the depiction of the lens. If it is within an allowance, there is no problem, but sometimes it may be beyond the permissible range. In that case, only checking and adjusting of the infinity focus is not enough to notice the change of the depiction, then repair work may complete without fixing it. To prevent this kind of problem, you need to assemble the lens with measuring the resolution and contrast. In our company, we assemble lenses with measuring the resolution using the projection chart in a dark room, and measuring the contrast with MTF measuring equipment. Without those procedures, assembly seems like a repair by speculating. We never do such a half-hearted repair.

We have high skill and a lot of experiences of modifications. For example, viewfinder of the Leica M6/M6TTL has a halation problem, and we developed the modification to reduce the halation. Later, Leica Camera AG started to provide the modification of reducing halation with a different way in Japan, but we still think our modification method is more efficient. Other modification is taking the sound of governor off at 1/250 from Leica R6.2. We also developed the way of making the Olympus Pen F series' viewfinder brighter and making Nikon F3 AE lock operate by pressing shutter button halfway. We provide a variety of modifications. Please check them out at our website.

・Mercury Battery Adapters
The mercury batteries such as MR-9 are no longer available, and there are no alternative batteries. To solve this battery problem, we produce and sell battery adapters which you can use with silver oxide battery. Our MR-9 battery adapter change the outer shape and also reduce the voltage of SR43 (silver battery) to about 1.35V.

We are selling cameras, lenses, and accessories in a unique style of Repair Company. Secondhand cameras and lenses that have been checked, repaired, or overhauled by us are available. And accessories we developed are also available.

・Diploma of Leica Camera AG
We have some craftsmen who have trained in Leica Camera AG. They have Leica diploma and have acquired the skills of Leica Camera genuine repair method.