Repair Service / Restore

Repair / Overhaul / Restoration

Overhaul we think is besically "repair aimed at full restoration of functions." We clean up the appearance as much as we can, but unless otherwise stated by a customer about scratches and dents we leave them as they are as long as they are not associated with the functions.

For customers stick to camera/lens appearance, full restore including painting and exterior parts replacement is available as well as overhaul. It will bring old camers' exterior and functions closer to the same level as new. The work depends on customers' needs.

The biggest challenge on restore of old cameras is securing of spare parts even more than technique. Concerning spare parts that are no longer available, if necessary and if we can clear cost problems involved, we remanufacture them as good as the original after checking each mechanism.
Repair Column
Leica R8
Spot Measurment Malfunction
The Need for Replacement of
Shutter Curtains.
Leica M Camera
Winding Torque Measurement
Leica R Camera
Shutter Timing
Lens Assembling
Prism & Mirror Re-evaporation
LEICA M3 View Finder & Beam Splitting Prism Restoration
We restore rangefinder and recover the level of viewfinder visibility of Leica M3. The work depends on the condition of rangefinder though, disassembling rangefinder assembly to get rid of inside dust and polishing a surface makes it clean enough. If necessary, we re-evaporate beam-splitting prism, replace half mirror (Kanto made), and re-glue inner parts together.
We can also re-evaporate pentaprism-mirror, produce surface mirror and half mirror.
Finder Restoration

Before Restoration

After Restoration
Beam Splitting Prism Separation

Beam Splitting Prism Separation

After Restoration

Lens Repair
Lens Re-Coating(Single Coat)
We re-coat lens element when required.
Re-cementing & Centering

Cemented Element Separation

After Re-cementing & Aligning
MTF(Modulation Transfer Function)
This is an optical test equipments for analyzing contrast, which is one of the factors to judge the lens performance. With this equipment, we analyze the contrast at the center and around of the lens.

MTF lens capacity analyzing is indispensable especially to assembling and adjusting after lens re-polishing. We introduced the MTF analyzing device fast, and we have been making assurance doubly sure on lens repair.

We were taught at Leica service training that a lens repaired without MTF measuring instrument was not Leica lens any more. We provide repair service of our own stricter standard as long as repair service based on Leica standard.
We check and adjust lenses at infinity with the collimater.