Very Good Feeling of Leica M Winding Lever Movement
Winding Torque Measurement
Following is a resolution that the camera which we had overhauled was taken in comparison with a camera before overhaul. We confirmed the results that the winding torque of the camera after overhaul is clearly smaller than the one before overhaul. *There are differences depending on the individual camera and the model.
※The position of winding levers in the left and right pictures, are not exactly same, because there is also a difference of smoothness in the winding levers movement.
Before OH
After OH at Our Shop
1. Comparison right after the beginning of winding.
10 N-cm
2. Middle point that the brake starts to work and the torque changes.
18 N-cm
12 N-cm
3. Comparison of the final phase.
19.5 N-cm
13 N-cm
4. Comparison right before the end of winding that the torque becomes heavy.
20 N-cm
14.4 N-cm


The above sample camera before overhaul is in relatively good condition, so the winding lever is not that heavy. This comparison found that the torque of the overhauled camera is three fourths compared to the one before overhaul.
*The torque defference depends on the condition before overhaul.