Terms of Service
  1. We do repairs for ordinary use. If you think your camera/lens has any antique value, please inform us in advance, in which case the handling method is different. If you don't indicate this, we shall repair in the ordinary way and cannot make changes in the midstream.
  2. We shall apply the repair standards which we have set depending on repairs.
  3. Regarding the standards and procedure of the work which require special techniques, we shall apply those that are set by us.
  4. In the case where genuine parts are not available, we may use repair parts that we produced, and we may also use second-hand parts that we restored.
  5. The color of paint will be the analogous one as the one you specified.
  6. Turnaround time can be delayed due to parts availability and busy season. In addition, depending on the contents of the repairs, it may take a longer time.
  7. If we find your equipment to be damaged beyond repair or parts are not available during work, we will send back the equipment to you.
  8. In case we send back the equipment due to unrepairable, the malfunction condition of the equipment may differ from when we received it.
  9. If we find your equipment to have been damaged by water, dirt and dust, or has been disassembled in a wrong way, we will re-estimate the cost or return it as an unrepairable product.
  10. In principle, you cannot cancel your repair request after repair services have begun. Even upon a cancellation request, you must pay the amount in full.
  11. We take particular care of your equipment. However, if we damage your item due to unavoidable matters during work and it is beyond repair, we will return your equipment with apologies, and compensation amount will be limited to the amount of the repair cost estimate.
  12. We may not be able to accept a request of redoing repair with regard to scratches.
  13. We may not be able to accept a request of redoing repair with regard to feeling, touch and other individual differences.
  14. We judge the item is good if it is within the standards by our measurement. We will not judge the focus, color, exposure, etc by print or negatives.
  15. If damage has occurred to your equipment by reasons attributable to our services after delivery of the repaired items, the compensation amount will be limited to the amount already paid.
  16. We think repairs can be completed by mutual cooperation with our customers. We may not be able to accept the consultation upon a non-gentlemanly behavior and attitude of our customers.
  17. Please understand that repair service is not our obligation since our company is not a manufacturer.
  18. We do not return the defective parts which are replaced. The ownership rights for the defective parts replaced along the repair belongs to our company.
  19. In case parts replacement is required at warranty repair, we may ask to cover cost of replacement part.
  20. We do not do test shooting with using film. If you have issue of light leak or film scratches, please inform us in advance. If you don't indicate this, we may not be able to guarantee.
  21. There are cases your product will be uploaded on blogs, Instagrams and etc. taking photos during the repair stage. We will erase all personal identifiers, eg. serial number. Please let us know in advance if you do not want your item posted in any way.